Top 5 Latin Banks for the year 2020
Top 5 Latin Banks

Top 5 Latin Banks for the year 2020

Everyone who is reading out this article definitely knows that are like seven continents all around the globe, and among them, the Asian continent is the largest and Antarctica is the smallest yes everyone knows about it. You may wonder out why we are telling about these things because in this article we gonna provide you with a list of Top 10 biggest banks in the South American Region.

Ya, it’s true that most of the biggest banks in the world are located out in the North American Region only but yet that not means that there are no good banks being available in the South American Region.

Top 5 Latin Banks

Banco Do Brasil

Top 10 Banks in South America 2020

It is a bank that has been located out in the brazil region and has been controlled out the Government itself. The bank has to provide out its services to more than 60 million happy customers from 5500 branches worldwide with assets more than $400 billion.

Itau Unibanco Holding

Actually this bank was at the top position in our last years ranking but was pushed down due to the massive performance by the Banco Do Brasil.

With more than 10000 branches worldwide this bank has been operating in nearly 54 countries all over the world.

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Banco Bradesco

This Bank Banco Bradesco secured out the third position in the list with branches nearly around 5000 and looking out at the history of the bank this bank has started out as early as in 1943 itself.

Caixa Economica Federal

Having assets of nearly $381 million Caixa stands out as the fourth-best bank in our list of Latin American best banks. Being established in the year of 1969 itself, it actually operated out by the private sector but in relationship with the government.

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Group Aval

With assets worth $70 billion this is another Colombian bank in the list and has been regarded as Colombia’s largest banking association.

BBVA Mexico

One of the largest Financial Group in Mexico has got a special place in our list of top 5, though the title may say the Top 5 Latin Banks in South America, you may ask us why are you adding the Sixth bank in the list because we feel that BBVA Mexico deserves to be in this list, we have added it as sixth because we can’t ignore the other 5 banks too that’s why we added it as the sixth bank.


So that’s the end of our deep analysis of top 5 Latin banks and we think you got some useful info from us.


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