Top 5 best banks based on the Users recommendations
Banks based on User Recommendations

Top 5 best banks based on the Users recommendations

When coming to the top banks across the worldwide most of the banks were like the one which existed from long ago but there are also some good banks which has seen massive growth within a short period of time.

And that’s the list we are going to provide you out below and we have made out this list based on lots of features such as the current performances, past performance, no of account opening and then no of the percentage of account closure

Banks based on User Recommendations

1.Bank of America

They are our favourite banks of all time and considering this is the oldest Bank in our top 5 list for sure being headquartered in South Carolina more than 2 lakhs employees are being worked under their Bank.

Also the provide the best Bank of America Edd Debit Card too for their new customers

2. CitiGroup

It is actually an American based Multinational and Investment Bank which has been like headquartered in the American Region, The formation of this Bank has actually happened out in the year of 1998 by the Travellers Group.

And Citigroup has been ranked as the 3rd largest bank in the US region standing after the Bank of America actually its been in the list of that popular four in the American Region, Also the bank has been providing its services all over the world.

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3.Mitsubishi Financial Group

This Bank also once again a Chinese based Bank comes as the 8th best bank in our List, Actually, in the year of 2005, this bank has been formed by merging of the MTFG and UFG Holdings.

And these two banks have been officially merged out in the year of 2006 to form the MUFG Bank but the early history of the companies were dated as early as the 1880’s.

4.Bank of China

Bank of China has been recognised as the 4th largest commercial Bank in china and the 6th largest bank in the world based on the assets. It is a public sector bank which has been founded out in the year of 1912 itself.

5.Wells Fargo

The American Based Wells Fargo has secured the Final Spot in our Top 10 Banks list finally and they have one of the top 4 banks in the US region. And also this bank is being recommended out by lots of people all over the world and that’s why it deserved a place in our Top 5 lists


That’s the end of the rankings of top 10 best banks in the world, we are glad to know how you feel on this rankings.

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