Best Banks in India to get Loans for 2020

Best Banks in India to get Loans for 2020

So it’s officially the end of the year 2019 and now 2020 has already begun and several months have gone. Lots of changes have occurred from 2019 and the position of certain banks based out on their performance is one of them.

Every year lots of new banks have been coming and some banks are closing, even some banks has grown to greater heights even starting out only a few before and they were actually performing out well better than established banks actually.

Best Banks in India to get Loans

Axis Bank

Top 10 Best Indian Banks

Being headquartered in Mumbai and currently operating out with more than 4000 branches and with atm services of the bank being Available in more than 17000 location this one stands out as the first in our list.

State Bank of India

Being a leading one of the Public Sector Banking, this is one of the oldest and still operating bank in India with having more than 24000 Branches and ATM services being available in more than 50000 Locations making it as one of the largest Banking Network too.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is the second biggest Known bank in the Public Sector Banking after the State Bank of India with having branches of nearly like 12000 and having ATM facility being available over 12000.

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Bandhan Bank

Bandhan Bank stands out as the fifth and Final bank in the list of Top 5, this will be definitely a surprise edition in this list for sure because even there are big banks like Canara Bank, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra banks Being available in the list we are still selecting out Bandhan Bank because of the constant performance and improvements that they have been showing.

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And the seventh Bank in our long list is going out to be the most famous ICICI Bank and they are one of the most prestigious Banks in India since a long time, the headquarters of the bank being located in the Mumbai and they are having more than 4000 branches all over the country. Notably, they have been recognised as the second-largest bank in India based on assets and other things.

So we have just told about the branches of these banks and how they running and don’t said much about why they best for providing out loans because we don’t want to make confuse you by putting in the comparison so that’s why we thought of only giving you an insight of the best banks and without thinking much you can get loans from the above mentioned banks very easily.

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