Best Banks in Europe to Open Saving Account for the year 2020
Best Banks in Europe to Open Saving Account

Best Banks in Europe to Open Saving Account for the year 2020

Selecting out the Best Bank for opening an account may seem like an easy job but actually it’s really a very tough task to be frank because it is an account that you are not going to close it sooner for sure.

It is one of the accounts which you are gonna use it for a long time, you cannot open an account and close it just like that since you don’t like it then it’s going out to be a waste of time and also you need to find out another account.

Also opening out an savings account seems out to be an easy task actually but in real it is not because of lots and lots of reasons one is may be due to the lots of good banks being available making it difficult for us to select and next thing is charges they put for using the savings account, so before opening, you have to consider out each and every aspect regarding this.

Best Banks in Europe to Open Saving Account

  1. HSBC Holdings

Our Best pick among all is the HSBC Holdings and definitely most of the people might have already well known about this bank and they have total assets worth $2.47 billion.

They are also one of the top 10 bank service providers all around the world.

  1. BNP Paribas

Best Banks in Europe in 2020

So this one BNP Paribas a French-based bank stands as the second one in the list, we have chosen out this bank for certain reasons mainly the service they provide to their from the day the bank has started made us give Paribas the 2nd position in the list.

And they also provide our services all around the world with assets worth $1960 Billion.

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  1. Deutsche Bank

It is a german Based Multinational Bank which has been Headquartered in the Frankfurt, along with that the bank is providing services in nearly 58 countries and also ranked as the 17th largest bank all around the world based on assets.

  1. Banco Santander

So this bank is the biggest part of Santander banking Group actually and is a Spanish based banking service providers all over the world and also based on the recent report by the Forbes this is ranked as the 16th topmost bank all around the globe.

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  1. Credit Agricole

Also being known and called out as the la Banque verte due to its past working in the farming-related sector during their initial stages,

And this bank is the world’s largest cooperative financial institution since it consists of 39 Agricole banks.

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