Banks in Latin America to open Checkings account

Banks in Latin America to open Checkings account

And that’s why the main reason why we have made out this of the top 10 best Latin American Banks to showcase the availability of some good South American banks.

We have made out the list of top 10 best Latin American based on certain factors like the performance of the banks in the past, history of the bank, new and returning customers ration and we have considered out all of those.

When coming to selecting the top 10 its really the toughest job for us because we have seen lots of good banks around the list and to pick the top 10 among them is really a tough job for anyone for sure.

Best Latin America Bank to Open Checkings Account

Banco Santander

Top 10 Banks in South America 2020

One of the main parts of Europe’s biggest banking group Santander, they have been offering out the services of asset management and commercial banking services.

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BBVA Bancomer

One of the biggest banks from the Mexican Region BBVA Bancomer has assets worth $110 million and this bank is subsidiary of the European bank BBVA, This bank has more than 35000 employees working out under their 1900 branches all over the country.


Another Mexican Bank in the list is Banorte, actually, this bank has been started out in the year of 1990s to solve the Mexican crisis acquiring out multiple banks and made their presence.

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They have been offering out all the types of banking services from retail banking to commercial banking.


This is the first Colombian bank in the list with assets worth $68billion and this is actually a bank that has the history of more than 140 years actually, Speaking about the history this bank has established the first credit card in Latin America.


Grupo Financiero Banamex also known out as the Banamex is definitely one of the best banks to open checkings account if you any idea of opening it because of certain reasons not only that it is the biggest bank but also due to some other reasons such as

  • Good returns.
  • Certified out as the best bank to open checkings account.
  • Great interest rates.
  • Excellent customer support and services.
  • And many other features.

Banamex is the second largest bank in the region of Mexico and also this bank has been already purchased out by Citigroup in the year of 2001 and since then Banamex has been a part of CitiGroup.


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